Fitness Assessment
During this hour, we will cover your medical history, exercise history, current body composition and goals. We will also complete a full postural assessment as well as a movement analysis to get a better idea of your physical strengths and weaknesses as well as to prevent injuries.

1 on 1 Personal Training at your home
Want to take your workouts or your performance to the next level in the comfort of your home gym? John designs, implements and manages all facets of your custom program and motivates you along the way in order for you to achieve your goals in a safe and timely manner.

Online Training
Need that extra oomph in your routine but, can't get to me personally? Perhaps you are traveling but, you want to make sure you stay on top of your fitness goals. Online training can be the thing that can get you to the goals you desire. You'll receive tailored fitness programs and nutrition guidance. Never be late, never miss an appointment and, train at your preferred gym.

Partner Sessions
Do you and your friend or partner want to train together? Do you have an event planned and want to make sure you're both ready by working toward your fitness goals? Buddy sessions are a great way to increase the fun and motivational factors. These sessions are designed around each of your specific goals and fitness levels.

Groups and Classes
Perfect if you're looking for the benefits of a personal trainer, but are afraid of the costs associated with individual training. Small group training (3-4 individuals) allows you to get the physical benefits of Personal Training at a reduced cost per session. For larger groups (5+ individuals), these classes are not only fun but, add increased motivation and support.