"At the beginning of a new year, I was dealing with recurring knee pain from a CrossFit injury and putting off getting an MRI as my doctor had suggested. I decided to try a new gym and John Gracia was my trainer during the trial evaluation. When he asked me what my goals were, I mentioned the injury and requested exercises that would not stress my knees. Instead of avoiding the issue, he addressed it directly in my workouts. Utilizing his impressive knowledge of the muscular system, he put me through exercises that stretched my leg muscles and strengthened my knees and ankles. I was so impressed with John's ability to change or modify exercises in the middle of a workout based on how my knees were feeling, that I joined the gym just to continue working with him. After a few months with training with John, I knew that his workouts were having a positive effect on me when I sprinted several city blocks chasing a bus. After catching the bus, I noticed that I had ruined one of my sandals, but my knees felt fine! I highly recommend John as a personal trainer, especially if you are dealing with prior injuries."

- Stephen U.

"The gym has not always been a place where I have felt safe, comfortable or even good about. I spent a lot of time avoiding it. When I moved to Seattle, I gained 30 lbs. I decided to take a chance and start focusing on being healthier, feeling more confident and taking control. I started working with John and the changes in my body, my confidence and how I feel in the gym has completely changed. I was exhausted and unmotivated all the time. John began working with me on a series of movements to see what the areas that I was having trouble with. We found a number of areas that I had neglected over the years. I had tightness in my fight, hips, legs, I struggled in cardio based activity and I had weak abs and lower back. I was used to hunching over my computer at work. John also taught me a great deal about form and how to protect myself from injury, how to build on my strengths and where to push. In his class, every movement that he does builds on it all with a smile on his face. I found that the more I went to his class, the more freely I moved, the more excited I became about movement and my gains. John taught me so much about my body and the steps that I can take to gain control. As a result of his support and coaching, I have lost over 12 lbs so far and I am feeling so much more comfortable and confident!"

"Thank you, John!"

- Cristina V.

"John has been working with me as my personal trainer for almost 2 years now. I've seen a great improvement in my health and physical function- not to mention him being one of the first personal trainers to not be afraid to work with me. I'm a T8 incomplete paraplegic with lupus, with limited movement below my injury and, even more, limited sensation. What this means is John often has to think outside of the box when working with me. Not only am I training to improve my day-to-day functions but, I'm also training to compete at the international stage in sprint kayaking as well as regional kayaking, sled hockey and wheelchair rugby for team USA. Throughout this time, John's willingness to pay attention to my bodies abilities and fatigue levels, to push our current movements to the next level, to push my body to the next level is nothing like I've ever seen or worked with before."

"Thank you."

Dorian T.

I've had many trainers during my weight loss journey and I have to say John is, by far, the best trainer I have ever been with. Because of his focus on proper movement, his insistence of perfect form, and his compassion, I am fitter and healthier than I have ever been. If you're looking for a trainer who will rehash the latest fads; look somewhere else. However, if you're looking for someone to partner with you on your journey to achieve your fitness and lifestyle goals, John is the one you want with you."

Thomas P.